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Who We are

A team within a team, BlueHive Media is a component part of the BlueHive Group, a boisterous unit of over 90 creative minds based in Worcester, Massachusetts. Heading up the digital charge are three innovative individuals who bring a whole new dimension to branding and communication. 


In his role of Director, Media and PR, Amadeus oversees the process from start to finish, ensuring that everything runs like a well-oiled Swiss watch. His areas of expertise are social media marketing, and building networks designed to spark dialogue and expand brand reach. When not acting the social butterfly, Amadeus invests his energies in pretty much everything, whether playing the didgeridoo or spreading the word about Irish rugby.


Steph is a master of graphic design and branding in both print and digital environments. With nearly 10 years of professional experience, her world is communicating your brand’s message with creative and original ideas. Outside of the Hive, Stephanie is an avid runner who loves the outdoors, and a die-hard fan of the New England Patriots. She is also an expert at spaghetti sauce.

Enter BlueHive Media Management

Not only will BlueHive Media manage all your social media platforms, video
and digital branding, but we will build your online presence with vigorous creative energy.

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